Cloud-based system for digital pass issuance and access control

Connect to and issue electronic passes at the enterprise, in a residential complex or a cottage village in 1 click

100% automated pass issuance and access control

Integrations with CVS, TRASSIR,  IVIDEON, Sigur

Quick start, range of tariffs to choose from

Mobile Application and Web-based management portal


Pass log of

Take advantage of a comprehensive solution to the pass issuance at your facility along with our digital service

Mobile application for residents, staff and tenants

Web-based portal for security and managing companies

Indefinite storage of data, reports on the events

Advantages of pass log

for residents and staff

for security guards

for  developers and property managers

You can order passes for guests using the mobile app for iOS and Android


The pass arrives on your smartphone in the form of a QR code, PIN code or NFC card, then you can save it in Apple Wallet and Google Pay


The status of each application is monitored in real time, the results can be seen in a PUSH notification


Saving time on interactions with security to issue passes to guests


You can order a digital pass at a distance from the object, at any day and at any time


You can create templates for passes quickly to those guests who regularly visit the facility


No special training of staff is required, access control is carried out through a web browser


Processing of requests for the pass issuance  takes less than one minute, the system is fully automated


No more paper work and voice calls is needed in order to quickly identify guests


Transparent control and convenient accounting of each visitor by status and type of pass: invitation, one-time, temporary. The building of black and white lists of users


The pass log provides detailed analytics on site attendance


Guarantees the absence of unauthorized people and cars on the site


Optimizes the cost of the payroll for the pass office, digitizes the process of access issue


Increases the loyalty of residents and tenants, the object prestige. Extends the period of work on the object


The possibility of blocking violators of cloud acess system is provided


The possibility to send individual or group alerts


The pass log stores indefinitely detailed analytics on the attendance of a territory or object


How cloud access control system works

User orders the pass in the Application

You can make an invitation, a single-entry or a temporary pass

Administrator processes a request

 The administrator  tracks all the requests and know exactly  who and when will be on site

System identificates and provides access

The system logs automatically details about the visit: date, time and the visit duration

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Automate access control system with

Upgrade your technical infrastructure – we help you to install and maintain additional equipment 

Bluetooth (BLE), NFC and codebase panel

Access with a smartphone or a PIN-code

QR code reader and face recognition terminal (Face-ID)

Access with Face-ID or a QR  code

Car license plate recognition system (LPR)

Access with car license recognition system

Your benefits from investing in

The throughput of the checkpoint increases

Access to the facility will be fast, there are no more queues and traffic jams at the entrance and exit

The level of security at the facility increases

Excludes the possibility of access to the object by unauthorized people and cars

Access control gets automized

The system works autonomously and does not require the participation of security staff

Owners and tenants' comfort arises

It is a marker of a high level of service and security  at the facility 

The system operates transparent and guarantees 100% control

The automatic service cannot be deceived or misled

Opportunities for scaling the system in steps

Additionally connect access by biometrics and a smart barrier with number recognition

Easy start working with

All connection work is done on a turnkey basis, can be integrated with systems already operating at the facility. Our product is a part of the leading multidisciplinary group of IT companies  LANIT  – the leader of the Russian information technology industry


Filling the form 

We will answer all your questions, make a presentation and find a tariff for your tasks


Cloud instance creation

We will create your cloud instance, set up access levels for staff and users


Adding Users

We will ensure the connection of users to the system using a mobile application


Starting the system

We will train your staff, provide technical support for the operation of the system

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